Ready to Use, Cost Effective, Facilitating Lean Processing, the Serosep comprehensive range of pre-filled Histopot specimen containers for use in histology and pathology laboratories are manufactured to the highest standard, using quality state of the art production techniques, in a certified manufacturing facility.

Today HistoPot is synonymous with the fixation of Biopsy Samples in Ireland and through our distribution network worldwide.

HistoPot is a trusted brand that has built a reputation in the safety of Patients Biopsy Sample Fixation, which is the single most important stage in the Histopathology process.

For this reason, Serosep has focused its expertise in offering the Medical Scientist a quality-controlled fixative they can trust and the Customer Service to back this up.

From our manufacturing facility here at Serosep the HistoPot is now regarded as one of the benchmarks for the fixation and transportation of millions of critical Histological samples worldwide.

Trusted around the world

Serosep first began manufacturing formalin-based fixatives in 1999. This was a period in Ireland when it was customary for each Histopathology Laboratory to make their own fixatives.

A range of ready-to-use fixatives in a variety of specimen containers was launched by Serosep in 2000. This product went on to be called ‘HistoPot’.
Serosep was the first company to convince the local market of the benefits of purchasing ready-to-use fixatives and today almost all the Histopathology Laboratories in Ireland use fixatives manufactured by Serosep.

Buoyed by its success in the local market Serosep began exporting the HistoPot to a host of other markets. Today HistoPot is synonymous with biopsy tissue fixation and is sold through our network of dedicated distribution network in over 30 countries worldwide.

Why use HistoPot?
HistoPot Product Range

Serosep manufactures a range of biopsy tissue fixatives that include: Formalin and a range of other formulations for use in the Histopathology Laboratory.

These fixatives are available in a range of different size biopsy fixation containers that are sold under Serosep’s brand called ‘HistoPot’. HistoPot comes in a range of container sizes from the smallest size HistoPot 40ml up to the HistoPot Polycube 20L.

HistoPot Polycube comes in a 10L and 20L easy-to-use dispensing container with attachable tap for all the other formalin requirements in the Laboratory.

Description HistPots per box
40ml pot 300
60ml pot 243
125ml pot 108
180ml pot 70
250ml pot 69
350ml pot 36
500ml pot 24
1000ml pot 16
2500ml pot 23
5000ml pot 15
5L Jerrycan 4
10L Polycube 1
20L Polycube 1
Manufacturing Process

To ensure the high quality that HistoPot is known for, Serosep works to a strict Quality Policy and manufactures within guidelines set out in this policy for each of its manufacturing schedules.


Serosep have the following ISO certification:

ISO 13485 : 2016 awarded 4th December, 2007

ISO 9001 : 2015 awarded 13th October, 2003

EntericBio realtime faecal / stool pathogen detection kit is registered and carries the CE IVD mark. HistoPot biopsy fixation solutions carry the CE IVD mark.

Serosep are currently preparing to submit an application for FDA Approval and will be hoping to achieve this level in the near future.